Online fax providers are very competitive and all claim to be "#1". Instead of providing you with reviews of all the companies out there, I figured the top 3 internet faxing companies would be enough. Whether you are sending faxes from computers or setting up phone lines, these are the ones to beat.

Fax Software Review 2012

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Online Fax Storage Unlimited 1 Year Unlimited
Start Up Fee None None None
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Faxing From Computer: How to Fax from a Computer

34907j8nf0lvh4n Faxing From Computer:  How to Fax from a ComputerThe advent o f the Internet has indeed brought many things to this civilization. It does not only serve as a hub for connecting with other people from all over the globe, but also serves as hub for marketing products and services, information, entertainment, among many things. But one of the recent innovations brought about by the Internet and computer is Internet / computer faxing.  With the Internet and computer, it is now possible to fax a document without a fax machine. Thanks to fax or Internet software, faxing from computer and from anywhere you are is now possible.

Sending Faxes from Computer

To send a document through fax before, a fax machine is required. However, sending a document through a fax machine is not only costly but is also not convenient. Another issue with using this method is privacy.  The drawback to sharing the same fax machine in an office is that anyone in the office can pick up any message that’s meant for you.  Thankfully, it is now possible to send a document through fax easier, simpler, faster, and cheaper through Internet or computer. Most importantly, with this method, you do not have to worry about other people reading your documents. This is because you are the only person that can access your fax documents unless of course you share your personal account password with someone else.

There are two ways to fax documents through your computer and both needs an Internet access. The first method, which is called online fax, allows you to send or receive faxes though the Internet.  Meanwhile, the other method is called email fax. This method requires a software for the fax to be downloaded.

Online Fax

Indeed, computers have totally revolutionized the workforce and the workplace. It has changed how we work or even how work is done. For instance, using of online fax to handle your faxing chores , you do not have to worry about paper jam or busy signals.  So what is an online fax?

An Online fax uses a computer and Internet connection. Using this method, your faxes are sent through email, in PDF or Tiff formats. However, unlike the traditional way of sending fax, using this method does not require you to have or use a fax machine, telephone line , a rim of paper and ink. All you need to do to avail this service is to sign up for an online fax provider. To send a fax, you just have to log into your online account. So it does not matter where you send the fax from. As long as you have an Internet connection and have a computer, you can already send a document through fax.

Compared to using the traditional method of sending a document through fax, faxing from computer or Internet is cheaper. Buying the traditional fax machine would cost you a lot of money and such product is also not long-lasting. In addition, you will have to buy fax paper and maintain a telephone wire to be able to receive faxes. On the other hand, sending faxes from computer is a lot cheaper at around $8 per month, which allows you to send and receive around  300-500 faxes per month.

In addition, paperless faxing is also more secured than the traditional way of sending faxes mainly because no one else can get to see your faxes than you. This is a great feature most especially if you are working with sensitive documents and you do not want anyone else to see your faxes.

Another reason why sending fax to computer through online fax provider is most preferred is because using this method you do not have to worry about storage of your messages. You can store your faxes online and if you want to have a hard copy of your faxes, you can print the documents in a matter of minutes.  Another reason why this option is most preferred is because sending documents through this method is fast and convenient.

Email Fax

Email faxing also shares the same advantages with online faxing. Like online faxing, this also needs a computer and Internet to work. However, if you opt for this method, you will need to download or buy a software that will allow you to send a fax through email. Like online faxing, email faxing only costs around $8 or more, depending on the service provider, and you can then convert your personal email into a virtual fax machine. While there are also downloadable software products online that allow you to transform your personal email into your online fax machine for free, the drawback to using that option is that it may not be secure. Thus, if you want to fax from computer, use email  faxing service of a reputable provider.

How to Fax from Computer?

So if you think that faxing from a computer is really a great option for you, below are some tips that can help you get started.

1. The best way to start sending fax from computer is to look for providers of such service online. If you prefer online faxing, then search for a provider that offers the service. Of course, choose a reputable provider. You can do so by checking customers’ feedback or by asking people who have used the company’s services.

2. Then, know how much faxes you need to send per week or per day. You may avail of free service if you only need to send a few faxes per day. However, if you are using this for business, it is best to choose the paid service.  Paid service is more secured and you are assured that your personal information as well as the messages that you will receive through fax will be kept private.

3. Also look for companies that offer extra features or services such as fax notifications and scheduling to your cell phone every time you receive a fax.

4. Before purchasing a package, ask the provider whether they offer a free trial so you can test out their service first.